Meet Our Creative Director

09 September 2015
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Meet Our Creative Director

We caught up with our creative director Michael, to find out a bit about him and the future of the L.A. Caesar brand with this exclusive interview:

Q: Describe your style in one sentence

A: Bespoke tailoring meets street/casual.

Q: What inspires you ?

A: I was raised by my grandfather from young and always looked up to him as someone that I wanted to be when I get older, just by the way he would wear suits and formal outfits with such class and elegance. I also got inspiration from his musical taste, listening to jazz, Frank Sinatra and incorporating these elements into my style.

Q: How long have you been in the fashion industry ?

A:  I've been in the fashion industry for almost 4 years. I started of as a hairdresser in college and whilst I was studying that course I was travelling around UK and attended many hair shows which were linked very closely to the fashion world. Since then, I have always been passionate about dressing up and look different as an individual. Ive been approached by many designer brands regarding things from PR to designing, and as a result I have collaborated on various projects that has enabled me to travel internationally and pursue a professional career in fashion.


Q: What advice would you give to any aspiring creative directors?

A: The main advice that I could give to any aspiring creative directors is to have good knowledge about fashion and to be brand savvy as well as being well aware of upcoming trends. Also not being afraid to take the lead and think outside of the box to set trends.

Q: What do you have in store for L.A. Caesar?

A: I have quite a lot planned for LACaesar. At the moment my main focus is on womenswear although we have a lot of exciting shoots and projects including L.A. Caesar Man SS16 to look forward to. I want to take this brand to another level and create a significant impact in the market, and helping L.A. Caesar to continue to stand out as an affordable luxury brand.

Follow Michael on Instagram: @lvrdmessiah

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